Sonntag, 13. März 2011


Ok im sitting in the Airport, i checked in already.
Suddelny this guy i was talking to grabs my laptop and shows me a website.
I was a new religion/movment!
its called  worldtransformation movment! I watched the videos on that site he showed me
and its very interesting!
They say: Not the world have to change, but the humans themself must  in order to have a free humanity.
This makes sense but still i don't get what is new in this thoughts.
Does anybody know something about thta movement? Is it a sect?
Here a video


  1. It seems interesting, I also concurr, whole mankind's collective unconscious must change before there can be any major changes

  2. people need to be more selfless....period...its not so bad, giving up one little thing every so often for the overall good

  3. A lot of mankind;s best and worst ideas have been thought up in airports.

  4. be careful! those kinda groups may seem good hearted or may actually be that, but some of them may have more sinister goals!

  5. It's sad that I read that and my first impression of the guy who showed you that site was "wow, he seems like a dodgy character" and not "what a nice man trying to show you something he thinks may be to your benefit".

    Even though he probably was a bit dodgy XP